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志す : Kokorozasu
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Sep-6th-2006 06:04 am - New!
OUAT: Snow Apples
e.e I finally got it up @.@ The tables on the main portal gave me absolute problems being I didn't bother with using flinx or any other collective script x.X

^-^; I was finally able to settle on a layout x.X First it was MOMO, then it was KOS-MOS' backside, then MOMO again, wait maybe chaos, no... then it was that picture used, but with a black background @.@ ::Falls over.::
Sep-5th-2006 09:38 am - @.@
OUAT: Snow Apples
Right journal now ^-^; I think this is the quickest I've gotten a fanlisting up o.O


Hidden Depths: Chapter 1 of the Xenosaga I gallery has been added to the media section @.@ Capping for KOS-MOS could take a while xD
Sep-2nd-2006 05:48 pm - O.o
OUAT: Snow Apples
Hidden Depths: Lyrics for Pain, The Miracle, Kokoro and Sweet Song have been added ^-^.
Aug-27th-2006 08:55 pm - Affies o.o
OUAT: Snow Apples
The domain has been renewed for another year, all that's left is the hosting package u.u;

Dare·devil: Affies with vergils_lover's Vergil shrine ^-^
Aug-23rd-2006 01:25 am - Revampage part 2
OUAT: Snow Apples
Virile: Received its long awaited revamping @.@ It's still teetering between the put on the adoption block or not though e.e
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